Meet Paddington!

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Hello all!

As most of my friends know, this September I’m moving to Italy for a year, and possibly won’t come back within that period. With that in mind, I started thinking about something I could do to document the year as best I could. Some of my friends have done photo blogs of their years abroad, combine this with my love of ‘Cabin Pressure’ and John Finnemore’s Travelling Lemon game, and ‘Travels with Paddington’ was born!

Paddington was a gift from a family friend who was given to me just before I left to go to university, with strict instructions not to open until my first night in my new home. When I opened it, I found this little guy, with a tenner safely stowed in his suitcase and a VERY LARGE bar of chocolate. The tenner has miraculously survived the ensuing two years. The bar of chocolate has not.

It was the ultimate university survival kit; money, chocolate and a little friend to give you a hug when you’re homesick. Paddington travels most places with me in my bag, and next year he will be coming with me to Bologna.

But I’m a terribly impatient creature, and couldn’t wait until September to get started, so over the summer I have been taking photos as Paddington and I have said goodbye to university and planned our big move. He’s also made his way into quite a few holiday photos this summer, so they’ll appear up here too.

Now we’ve got the introductions out of the way there’s tea to be drunk, so ttfn!


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